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Nlakapamux School: Gather, Go Outdoors + Take In The View

Nlakapamux School: gather, go outdoors + take in the view

The 3,800 sq.m. Stein Valley Nlakapamux School facility (2009) is designed to serve Kindergarten to Grade 12. Our three favorite design elements of the Nlakapmux school:

Cultural Features

  • Display cases. The cases display crafts, artwork, ancient pictographs and photos – identifying the school as a place of the local six Nations f the Nlakapmux.
  • Room to gather. The gymnasium with industrial kitchen can host community events.
  • Room Labels. Every classroom is labelled in both English and Nlakapamuxcheen.
  • Language and cultural room.  Say no more.
  • Materials. Cedar-planked exterior with wood accented for interiors.


The Great Outdoors

  • Garage doors. This is a great opportunity for teaching and learning to flow outdoors, to bring fresh air in the ‘old school’ way, and of course, to please the little ones who love to be outside.
  • Views. Each classroom gets a sweeping view of the Fraser Canyon.


Sustainable Features

  • Natural ventilation, geothermal + radiant heating/cooling system, solar reflective roof and window overhangs to reduce direct glare in the classrooms.


Architect ( & image credits): David Nairne + Associates Ltd.



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