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Pre-fab Houses: Ready For Occupancy In 1 Day

Pre-fab Houses: Ready for Occupancy in 1 Day

We are always on the lookout for exceptional housing design ideas that may provide a solution to the shortage of quality homes on reserves/reservations. Heijman is an Amsterdam developer that created a factory-made prototype that can be assembled on-site in one day. The house is geared to the young urban person unable to afford to rent or buy. Pre-fab means costs are reduced. It is transportable via truck off and on a reserve, which in theory means a mortgage loan should be possible. The homes are energy-efficient due to their wooden skeleton, all-electric use and generation of own energy. Most important, they don’t look like a shipping container, or any other type of substandard structure. They offer ample natural light, a generous two-story space and efficient planning layouts. Bravo to the designers (Heijmans ONE house in Amsterdam). We look forward to this exported for the North American market!

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