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Outdoor Teaching Spaces As Conduits For Traditional Learning, Sk’elep K-7 School

Outdoor Teaching Spaces as Conduits for Traditional Learning, Sk’elep K-7 School

Kudos to designers of this K-7 school in Kamloops, BC. The school is guided by a vision of balancing traditional Secwepemc Culture with high academic standards. In that aim, designing spaces that encourage traditional methods of teaching and learning is critical.The outdoor spaces are class-sized and intimate, complete with casual seating in a circular form. Nestled in the desert landscape, these spaces are the perfect conduit for traditional teachings related to the environment, storytelling and sharing circles.
At 18,500 sq.ft. it is one of the largest First Nations schools in British Columbia. The architecture consists of a number of forms which serve various functions such as shielding highway noise or sheltering from intense sunlight. The forms also work together to create a protected courtyard for outdoor teaching.

Architect: Iredale Group Architects
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