6 Reasons to Hire an Architect

1. An Architect will solve your design challenges with creative solutions that reap returns.

Architects are trained to create thoughtful, beautiful spaces. They stay abreast of the latest design solutions, have seen 100’s of designs implemented, and will suggest solutions that you may not have considered. A thoughtful design will add resale value.

2. An Architect can guide you through an entire project and act as your advocate.

An architect undertakes a variety of tasks that go beyond design including: city permitting, design review board submittals and representing your interests during construction. Of course, you could do much of this, but an architect can be an efficient ally for a cost-effective and smooth running project.

3. An Architect can create an environmentally-friendly building (a.k.a. LEED, green, sustainable).

An architect specializing in eco-building strategies can help you increase the energy performance of your building and save operational costs over the life of your project.

4. Architects are cost-effective when viewed over the long-run of a project.

Architects fees for designing and coordinating a smooth project may seem like an unnecessary expense, but when compared to the costs of making corrections on-site, the fees are small.

5. An Architect is trained in communication and will make your life easier.

An architect’s job is to communicate ideas – through writing, drawing and verbally – with all members of the design process from clients to contractors to city officials. When you need to visualize it, we can help.

6. An Architect is a licensed professional.

Architects undertake years of education and training, and are tested in large range of areas including aesthetics, structure, technology, sustainability, ecology, law, building codes and construction materials. When they assess your needs, they are looking at your project from a broad perspective.


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