Architecture workshop at Tsuu T’ina high school

Architecture workshop at Tsuu T’ina high school. Graham Livesey and Wanda Dalla Costa created a week long studio, where students conceive, design and build a structure inspired by animals meaningful to the local Tsuu T’ina culture. The program is designed to introduce architecture as a profession. Choosing from a thunderbird, beaver, eagle, bear, buffalo or wolf, the students would eventually build a tent-sized structure based on the animal. Hal Eagletail, a cultural educator from the Tsuu T’ina nation, came to talk to the students about the significance of the animals at the beginning of the session and to offer feedback on their creations for the final presentations. Structures were created with willow, twine and fabric. A tour to the Calgary architectural office of Marc Boutin Architectural Collaborative was offered as part of the week-long course.


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