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Eco Cafe

Los Angeles, CA

Area 3,520 sq.ft

The Eco Cafe was a response to the demand for fast and natural food. The client’s vision was to showcase sustainable practices throughout the facility. As a response, we utilized a host of sustainable features including:

Energy & Atmosphere:  Efficient equipment & appliances, Lighting sensors, Green power purchase + Natural day lighting
Occupant Comfort & Indoor Air Quality: Living wall air purification (exterior), Natural ventilation, Daylighting & views, Low-VOC materials (paint, adhesives, sealants, wood & laminates) + Non-toxic cleaning and chemical products
Water Conservation: High-efficiency restroom fixture, Pervious site surfaces (to reduce stormwater run off) + Local plants species (exterior)
Materials & Resources: Recycling & Composting Designated Area, Salvaged materials (wood, appliances, lighting & accessories.), Locally sourced building materials + Rapidly renewable materials for cabinetry (bamboo and straw board)

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