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Moodie Residence

Priddis, AB

Area Total: 420 sq. m. / 4,500 sq. ft.
Level One: 180 sq. m. / 1,900sq. ft.
Level Two: 90 sq. m. / 970 sq. ft.
Basement: 150 sq. m. / 1,630 sq. ft.

The site overlooks a creek, with vistas of the foothills of the Eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains. Priddis is a hamlet that lies 10 kilometers west of Calgary’s city limits. The clients were interested in self-building with sustainable technologies and constructed the house using insulated concrete forms, an energy saving wall system with a high R-value. Passive energy strategies employed include maximizing natural sunlight for heating and natural lighting, high thermal mass walls, operable windows for cross-ventilation, exterior sunshades, geothermal water heating and a high-efficiency mechanical system. In terms of planning, the house is designed to capture sun light according to the clients daily activities, with the interior spaces requiring the most light and energy situated along the south face of the building.

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