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Red Crow Administration Building

Blood Tribe, AB

Area Total: 6,440 sq. m. / 69,300 sq. ft.
Level One & Two : 2,300 sq. m. / 25,000 sq. ft.
Level Two: 1,790 sq. m. / 19,300 sq. ft.

The facility is designed to house administration functions, a cafe, bookstore, student lounge, classrooms, science labs and a research centre. The facility will act as the central hub for the new campus.

The layout of the facility is a response to the environmental conditions in southern Alberta, particularly sun and wind patterns where wind can reach over 90 km/hour and winter sunlight is limited to less than 8 hours per day. The building is elongated on the East-West direction to capture the sun with sun shades that will allow the low winter sun to penetrate the building while shielding high summer sun. A central courtyard is created from the plan layout with the intention of providing an area of respite from the dominant west and southwest winds.

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